Events - Dream Coaching® Complimentary Consultations

Complimentary consultation sessions for new clients will be held every Friday.
Simply contact Janice for an appointment.

There are 3 Steps in your Complimentary Consultation

1. Get acquainted with Janice and talk about your goals during a 15 minute phone call.

2. Receive 4 thought provoking questions to help you prepare for coaching.

3. Begin the coaching process, explore your goals, and discuss concrete ideas on how to achieve your dreams with the support of a Dream Coach®.

Public events are announced on Facebook (some samples follow)

Welcome to Dream Life - Personality Discovery

Let's explore our Personality! Patterns of how we think, feel, and behave impacts our lives each and every day. These patterns are our personality! Learning about our personality helps us make better decisions, have more authentic relationships, and communicate more effectively. At the end of our time together, you will have at least one tool to use for gentle change and growth.

A Meaningful Walk on a Labyrinth

Let's explore labyrinths! Labyrinths are walking meditations. The labyrinths are flat to the floor and can be walked on. There is only one path to the center of the labyrinth and one path out from the center. Unlike a maze whose intention is for us to be lost, a labyrinths intention is to help us be found; in mind, body and spirit. Let's explore how simply walking a labyrinth can help us gain clarity, find the answers to our questions, and be more peaceful. I am a certified Veriditas Labyrinth facilitator and I own 4 labyrinths of different designs and sizes.

Personality Discovery and the Labyrinth

Experience the melding of two modalities. The Enneagram personality typing system and the Labyrinth walking mediation. The Enneagram can help us understand our patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving -- and this can bring more success, fulfillment and meaning to our lives. Following the exploration of the Enneagram, you will be guided through a self reflection on the Labyrinth to explore and deepen your self-awareness.

Private Events

Workshops and Retreats

Are you interested in exploring a unique meditation technique, delving into personality discovery, or experiencing the power of life coaching? Affordable custom designed workshops are available for your group. Here are examples of private events:

First Presbyterian Church. Workshop Leader, Arlington Heights, IL

The Chicago Temple. Workshop Leader, Chicago, IL

National Association of Women Business Owners. Guest Speaker, Chicago IL

International Coach Federation Midwest Conference, Workshop Leader, Chicago, IL

Bodhi Prem Yoga, Workshop Leader, Arlington Heights IL

The Labyrinth Society Annual Gathering. Workshop Leader, Hudson, WI

Dream Quest, Presenter and Leader, Chicago IL

Contact Janice to schedule an event for your group.

Janice is a Chicago Life Coach and Dream Coach® serving clients in the U.S. and Canada.